The Noble Man

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A Shalrlee / Wino collaboration.

The Noble Man is a King of Men, and he is proof that on occasion, though extremely rare, a human can be fully welcomed into the realm of fairy. Nobility cannot be given, it is earned, often hard earned, by total commitment to truth, authenticity, and courage. The Noble Man cannot tell a lie for it would tarnish his soul and rip him away from the purpose of his birth. He is a natural born leader and the fairies speak to him clearly, making him a conduit between worlds. Because he is so true to himself and his purpose (service to humanity), he has often been ostracized, and throughout history, even martyred for how deeply he was misunderstood.

The Noble Man hides nothing, and each action he takes is as expression of his soul. Though he has no need for power, he is a natural born king and a friend to all fairies.

11"w x 14"h

The Noble Man is paint and marker on canvas board. He has walked through fire and ice and still remains true.