Sold out

Going cross country in a car supporting Zakk Wylde...playing acoustic! Here's a weird twist of fate. My booking agent thought that "Unblackened" meant that Zakk would be playing acoustic, so he lowballed the promoter and I got the gig for $500/night. What we soon came to find out was that Unblackened just meant that Zakk and his band had re-worked some songs, had a really nice stage show, and that Zakk played sitting down due to some ongoing health issues. So there I was, playing acoustic for 1000+ people a night, who didnt know who the fukk I was. My secret weapon in these situations (not the secret secret weapon) was that even though I played acoustic, I still had my Big Muff Fuzz hooked up. Yeah, so I drew this as I passed through Defiance, Missouri.

11"h x 9"w

Put this one up so you can see it on your way out the door.