Spirit Caravan - Jug Fulla Sun (signed CD)

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This is Spirit Caravan in its prime. It was recorded by my old friend and compatriot Chris 'the Polar Bear' Kozlowski (RIP Chris), and it is one of my all time favorite records that I have done. Our friend Mike W had a good size house in the MD suburbs and he opened it up for us to record this. Chris brought over all his recording equipment and we set up drums, bass, and guitar all in separate rooms. I used a vast array of guitar cabinets, and started by laying down a bunch of fat rhythm tracks. Most of these songs I already had written and had ready to go for the second Obsessed record on Columbia which never happened. Anyways, I guess that was a good thing because this record was born from that situation.

"Fang, brah!" -Dave Sherman (RIP Dave)