Predatory Injustice

Sold out

Throughout history there have always been people or institutions or corporations (people) that prey on weakness, poverty, and nonconformist beliefs, even though most of these traits have been caused indirectly or directly by the predator himself.

In this picture, a ferocious half skeleton half owl with harpy talons sports a crown of pseudo hearts to disguise their malintent. This motherfukker isn't coming in for a landing, he's coming in to grab the proverbial puppy, kitten, or, more aptly, your life savings. Your best bet is to get a wrist rocket and a bucket of steel ball bearings, and take your best shot (this is only of course if they outlaw guns). If this were a tarot card reversed then one could see it as the patron saint of star crowned ancient and celestial owl spirits. But it aint, so don't be fooled.

12"h x 10.5"w

This could possibly look good looking down on the breakfast table, or over your old lady's full length mirror, comin down for a grab.