Deny the Unelected

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A portrait of our next world president?
Let's hope not.

In reality, the unelected self-titled 'elite' that misguidedly think they know whats right for the rest of us, pose a great and real danger, not only to people's freedoms, but also to humanity itself. These arrogant folks at the WEF, and offshoot organizations such as 'the forum of young global leaders' are using current world events to manipulate the public into obedience and serfdom, and are also leading the charge in the push for transhumanism.

Know this, the steady, methodical, and long-time planned 'reset' is happening right before our eyes. I don't know about you, but in my opinion, having the freedom to speak our minds, uncensored, and to create and share art, are freedoms that none of us should lose.

16" h x 13"w

Conspiracy theory? These 2 words are one of the best weapons the enemy has.